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Hybrid cellular automaton model of tumour growth

Y. Admiralskiy, A. Bratus

Tumour modelling is an important part of cancer research. The comparison
of mathematical modelling results, lab experiments and patient scanning pro-
cedures data can help us to retrieve internal mechanisms of tumour growth and
to consider the most important ones. A good mathematical model allows us to
increase therapy effectiveness and reduce treatment harm. It also can show us
some signs that can be used to detect the tumour earlier.
We present the planar model of tumour growth in surrounding healthy tis-
sue. The model is based on hybrid cellular automaton (HCA) approach and
simulates tumour and tissue cells dynamics, which depends on nutrients supply.
Surrounding tissue also can have irregular vasculature.
HCA as a discrete model provides us with several advantages. A nutrients
distribution field extends classical cellular automaton and affects local cell dy-
namics rules. Such an approach gives us a way to describe cell proliferation and
necrosis. It helps us to avoid difficulties of continuous models and improve the
model interpretability. We also have an ability to expand the model to consider
angiogenesis and treatment effects.

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