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The use of Gliolan in intracranial gliomas resection.

dr Mateusz Krakowiak, Centre of Invasive Medcine in Gdansk, Neurosurgical Clinic Poland ; Prof. Paweł Słoniewski, Centre of Invasive Medcine Gdańsk, Neurosurgical Clinic Poland

The total resection of gliomas, gives the chance to extend survival and quality of life of patients also with such a serious prognosis, which is glioblastoma multiforme. The boundaries of tumor resection are not clearly demarcated, due to the aggressive nature of the tumor and the presence of metastatic cells microscopically on the border of the tumor. Gliolan dye allows visualization of the tumor cells during their resection intraoperatively also in the area where it is not visible macroscopically. This article contains experiences from the use of the Gliolan dye in one of the most modern centers of brain tumors treatment in Poland

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