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Mathematical models for glioma invasion: Multiscality, proliferation, and treatment

Christina Surulescu (TU Kaiserslautern)

We present a multiscale modeling approach for describing glioma invasion in white brain matter. The models consist of kinetic transport equations coupled with (integro-) differential equations and accounting for the evolution of glioma density (mesoscale) in interplay with subcellular dynamics (microscale) of integrin binding to the surrounding tissue. Particular attention is payed to proliferation and tumor heterogeneity. We also deduce effective equations for the tumor evolution on the macroscopic level and propose a framework to assess a treatment approach involving resection followed by radiotherapy with concurrent and adjuvant chemotherapy.

Joint work with A. Hunt (TU Kaiserslautern) and C. Engwer & M. Knappitsch (WWU Münster).

Talk to be presented in the Special Session "Mathematical models in the systems biology of glioblastoma".

Format: Oral communication

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