Schedule Sep 9-12th

September 9th, 2015 (Wednesday)
18:30-20:00h Registration "Envases de Cartón" Building
20:00h Welcome Cocktail "Sabatini" Building

September 10th, 2015 (Thursday)
8:00-8:40h Registration "Envases de Cartón" Building
8:40-9:00h Conference Opening
Plenary sessión I (Chair: Collin Watts) ("Envases de Cartón" Building)
Martin J. van den Bent
Glioblastoma: how to fill this gap between basic science and clinical practice?
Joan Seoane:
Evolution of the intratumor heterogeneity in glioblastoma in response to treatment
Coffee break and poster session (Building 1)

Oral communications
Chair: Ander Matheu
Basic mechanisms

(Envases de cartón building)
Oral communications
Chair:Marta Alonso
Novel clinical approaches

(Sabatini building)
Maija Hyvönen
The role of MDGI in gliomas.
Philippe Schucht
Intraoperative monopolar mapping during 5-ALA-guided resections of glioblastomas adjacent to motor …
Roberto Ferrarese
A novel integrative network model identifies ANXA2 as an epigenetically controlled …
Victor M. Pérez García
Prognostic and predictive significance of geometric measures based on pretreatment T1+Gd MR images in glioblastoma multiforme
Elisabeth Stoll
Fatty acid oxidation is required for the respiration and proliferation of malignant …
Nabil Ahmed
A phase I Clinical Trial of Autologous HER2 CMV Bispecific Chimeric Antigen Receptor T …
Ander Matheu
Role of SOX9 in Glioblastoma.
Lin Yung-Ya
Early GBM Detection by Active-Feedback MRI.

Oral communications
Chair: J. L. Fernández-Luna
(Envases de cartón building)
Oral communications
Chair: Bárbara Meléndez
Novel clinical approaches
(Sabatini building)
Roland E. Kälin 
Apelin signaling controls glioblastoma neo-vascularization
Mario Durán
Control of the redox balance in glioblastoma multiforme: impact on metabolism, neovascularization …
O. Van Tellingen
Glioblastoma and the blood-brain barrier; please do not neglect. 
Aurélie Henry
Osteopontin as a new target in glioblastoma progression and resistance to radiotherapy.
Julie Gavard
Endothelial Apenin employs APJ and gp130 to sustain glioblastoma stem cells.
Carmen Ramírez-Castillejo
In vivo evidences for the therapeutic effectiveness of Dacomitinib in glioblastoma.
Anna Lisa Iorio
Opioid pretreatment alters blood-brain barrier penetration of doxorubicin in animal models …
Perrine Dahan
Ionizing radiations sustain Glioblastoma cell dedifferentiation to a stem …
Plenary sessión II (Chair: Martin van der Bent) ("Envases de Cartón" Building)
Wolfang Wick:
Biomarker-driven decision in the management of gliomas
Kristin Swanson:
Patient-specific Mathematical Neuro-Oncology: The Drive Towards Precision Medicine
Coffe break and poster session (Building 1)

Oral communications
Chair: Massimo Squatrito
GBM invasiveness

(Envases de cartón building)
Oral communications
Chair: GF Calvo
Mathematical models
(Sabatini building)
Jose Luis Fernández Luna
Teneurins increase the invasive capacity of GBM stem-like cells
Sergei Fedotov
Superdiffusive dynamics of cancer cells
María Alieva
Intravital imaging reveals local effects of biopsy on glioma cell migration
Y. Admiralskiy and A. Bratus
Hybrid cellular automaton model of tumor growth
Geraline O´Neill
GBM brain cancer invasion: how different subclasses move through the brain.
Rui Travasso
The force at the tip: modelling tension and proliferation in sprouting angiogenesis.
Break (*See social program)

September 11th, 2015 (Friday)
Plenary session III (Chair: Joan Seoane) ("Envases de Carton" Building)
Simone Niclou
Regulation of oxidative stress pathways in IDH1 mutant gliomas (EACR sponsored talk)
Colin Watts
Surgical strategies to interrogate the genomic of glioblastoma
 Roel Verhaak
Genomic characterization of disease evolution in glioma
Coffee break and poster session (Building 1)

Oral communications
Chair: Pilar Sánchez
Novel therapeutical approaches
(Envases de cartón building)
Oral communications
Chair: Victor Pérez 
(Sabatini building)

Francesca Maule
Annexin A2 is a key determinant of GBM aggressiveness by controlling cancer cell dissemination and proliferation.
Bárbara Meléndez
Clinical and Molecular features of Long-term Survivors with glioblastoma
Bárbara Oldrini 
RanBP6 is a novel tumor suppressor that negatively regulates EGFR
Guillermo Velasco 
Towards the utilization of cannabinoids as anti-cancer agents in glioma.
Irene Ylivinkka
Netrin-1 induced activation of Notch signaling regulates glioblastoma cell pathogenity
Andreas Hottinger
EF-14 Study : Efficacy of alternating electrical fields combined with Temozolomide vs Temozolomide alone in patients with newly diagnosed GBM

Oral communications
Chair:  Angel Ayuso
Novel therapeutical approaches
(Envases de cartón building)
Oral communications
Chair: J. Belmonte-Beitia
Mathematical models
(Sabatini building)
Amanda Tivnan
Inhibition of Multidrug Resistance Protein I (MRP1) improves chemotherapy drug …
Christina Surulescu
Mathematical models for glioma invasion: Multiscality, proliferation, and treatment. 
Sourav Ghosh
Simultaneously targeting cell autonomous and non-cell autonomous oncogenic … 
Elena Fimmel
Viable therapy strategies in a spatial mathematical model of Glioma with consideration …
Marcos García-Fuentes
Nanostructured microspheres for the controlled release of BMP-7 and the suppression of .. 
Andreas Deutsch
Analyzing emergent behaviour in cellular automaton models of glioma invasion.
Plenary session IV (Monika Hegi) ("Envases de Carton" Building)
Bozena Kaminska
Targeting tumor-derived integrin ligands modulate immune microenvironment of glioblastoma: a novel therapeutic approach

Frank Winkler
Multidimensional intravital microscopy discovers a novel mechanism of progression and resistance in glioblastoma
Coffe break and poster session (Building 1)

Oral communications
Chair: Carla Boccacio
Basic mechanisms

(Envases de cartón building)
Oral communications
Chair: Iñaki Ochoa
Quantitative approaches
(Sabatini building) 
Elena Rampazzo
Wnt pathway intracellular effectors are key deciders of GBM cell phenotype and behaviour.
Luis Fernández
Novel in-vitro biomimetic microfluidic device to resemble the glioblastoma microenvironment.
Anna-Maria Barciszewska  
Uncovering the action of Temozolamide in brain tumor cells. 
Christophe Deroulers
Quantitative models of low-grade glioma: from the laws of infiltration in diffuse gliomas to a model of radiotherapy.
Ian Lorimer
Glioblastoma as a disease of asymmetric cell division. 
Anton Buzdin
OncoFinder, a family of new methods for the analysis of complex intracellular signaling …
Kumar Somasundaram
Tumor-stroma interaction in glioma through proteomic approaches. 
Olivier Saut  
Effects of anti-angiogenesis on glioblastoma growth and migration. Model to clinical predictions 
Break (*See social program)

September 12th, 2015 (Saturday)

Oral communications VII-1
Chair: Jose Antonio Costoya
(Envases de cartón building)
Oral communications VII-2
Chair: Andreas F Hottinger
Novel clinical approaches
(Sabatini building)
Angel Rodríguez de Lope
Clinical and molecular factors predict survival after surgery for recurrent glioblastoma multiforme
Sergio Casas-Tintó
Synaptogenesis to prevent glioblastoma-induced neurodegeneration
Danilo Fiore
Survival in glioblastoma patients is predicted by miR-340 that regulates key cancer … 
Anthony Falkov  
Reirradiation of relapsed Glioblastoma.
Marta Alonso
Alternative splicing of BAF45d contributes to the pathogenesis of GBM.
Aleck Hercbergs
Medically induced euthyroid hypothyroxinemia may improve outcomes in glioblastoma …
Paola Parrella
Identification of miR21 and miR210 as biomarkers of aggressive clinical behaviour …
Maurizio Lucchesi
Temozolomide and Valproinic acid for treatment of pediatric high-grade gliomas …
Maria Stella Carro
ZBTB18 Methylation promotes mesenchymal transformation in glioblastoma.
 Semi Ben Harrabi
Radiotherapy plus Concomitant Temozolomide in Primary Gliosarcoma.
Coffee break
Plenary session V (Chair: Bozena Kaminska ) ("Envases de Carton" Building)
Carla Boccacio
The MET oncogene as a functional marker and therapeutic target in glioblastoma stem cells.
Monika Hegi
Epigenic deregulation in glioma, biomarkers and new opportunities.
Guido Reinfenberger
Who´s next: Integrated morphological and molecular classification on gliomas.
Closing remarks

*Social program
September 10th, 2015 (Thursday)
Toledo tour and dinner. Departure from Plaza Zocodover.
September 11th, 2015 (Friday)
Concert (Patio de Covarrubias, San Pedro Mártir)
September 11th, 2015 (Friday)
Departure to the conference dinner ( by buses from Cuesta de Carlos V )